Donald Featherstone Wargaming Airborne Operations

276 pages, ISBN 978-1-4092-8647-9

Crete and Arnhem the two major airborne operations of World War two form the basis for this imaginative and exciting book on wargaming. Airborne troops dropped by parachute or landed by glider created completely new and different aspects in warfare; tactics, placement, the element of surprise, the mere psychological effect of the threat that must be taken into account.

In this book, Donald Featherstone shows how to re-stage the major operations of World War II to make many fascinating games. No aspect is neglected: how airborne forces came into existence, their uniforms, equipment, weapons, vehicles and aircraft, British, German and American. He discusses in detail several major engagements., including the two mentioned above, and then goes on to suggest how to adapt these for table-top games, with advice on rules, models and terrain.

This edition contains a new set of rules 'Tarred and Feathered' that have developed the original rules of Lionel Tarr and Donald Featherstone for the modern wargamer.

The book contained 13 chapters

      Dropping Supplies

      The German Invasion of Crete

      Composition of Airborne Forces


      Tarred and Feathered Wargaming Rules by Bob Cordery