Donald Featherstone Wargaming Campaigns

227 pages, ISBN 978-1-4092-8266-2

Donald Featherstone's War Game Campaigns was the first wargaming book to deal with the art of creating a series of related battles and linking them into campaigns for the modern enthusiast. This book covered straightforward methods of setting up and running such campaigns. It deals with topics ranging from map making, to attrition to the issue of smaller forces delaying larger ones.

Included are twenty-one examples of wargaming campaigns, covering periods from the Dark Ages to World War II. Each campaign was specially chosen by Don to illustrate different aspects of such games and options for the wargamer to consider.

This book was originally published under the title of 'War Game Campaigns'.

The book contained 29 chapters including:

      Strategic Napoleonic War-gaming

      Refighting the Peninsular War

      The Viking Raid

      A Napoleonic Corps Campaign

      Boer Revolt

      Landing in Force (1944)

      Guards v Grenadiers (1944)