Donald Featherstone's Skirmish Wargaming (1975)

Revised edition (2008)
edited by John Curry
(134 pages, ISBN 978-1-4092-2389-4)

Skirmish Wargaming is a classic from the history of wargaming. It was the first widespread set of popular rules for playing skimish level battles on the table top with handfuls of figures aside.

The book containes generic rules for skirmish wargaming and Scenarios including period rules for:

      Vikings! (850AD)

     Archers in France June (1429)

     English Civil War Cavalry Action (1643)

     The Jolly Roger (1715)

     The 95th Rifles in the Pennisula War (1813)

     The French Foreign Legion in Mexico (1866)

     The Massacre at Isandhlwana (1879)

     The Old West (1888)

     First World War Trench Raid (1916)

     Street Fighting in Cassino (1944)

This new edition, includes an additional fantasy scenario and a science fiction scenario

     To Claim our Long-forgotten Gold (Third Age)

      Mining Station Sigma 9 (Year 3015, the far future)

      Guidance on how to play solo skimish wargames