Innovations in Wargaming

Developments in professional and hobby wargames

Matrix Games for Modern Wargaming

56 pages,

“In Matrix Games, knowledge, imagination, and persuasiveness dominate. Both the referee and the players find their greatest success by drawing on their storytelling skills. In many ways, Matrix Games boil down the art of gaming to its essence”. Peter Perla Invented by Chris Engle, Matrix Games are an innovative way of wargaming situations and conflicts that traditional wargaming methods find hard to model. This book was written as a manual to help develop and run matrix games about modern conflicts. The examples included have all been used for real military training to develop understanding of complex confrontations.

This book includes:

Note: matrix games as noted in this work is a term used to describe the Chris Engle wargaming matrix game methodology and is not connected or related in any way to Matrix Games Limited or their video game products.

Innovations in Wargaming Vol 1

186 pages

The Art of Wargaming has never been static over the first two centuries of its history. In the professional and hobby sides of wargaming, there has been a desire to strive to perfect and develop the many sets of rules into the best possible wargaming system. This book is about some of the key innovations in wargaming. It includes chapters on: