Operation Sealion Wargame run by Paddy Griffith at the Staff College in 1974

This photographs are reproduced with permission

For the game briefings, ORBATs etc, see Paddy Griffith's Sprawling Wargames

The War Game, Sealion is ready to start; with senior British and German officeers (top left) with umpires and players for the British forces beyond the channel map, and in front, players for Germany.

Wargaming Operation Sealion umpires and players

British players set up positions on the model; from left, Lt-Cdr Libby Navy, Major Blagden Army, Sqn Ldr Turner RAF and Brig Page.

Wargaming Operation Sealion

Senior umpires Major Gilbert; General XGalland; General Trettner; Air Chief Marshal Foxley-Norris

Wargaming Operation Sealion

The German invaders discuss their tactics; an impressive array of military skill at the board

Wargaming Operation Sealion

Dawn on September 22. Invasion fleets (black bards) carry Germans to beaches and paratroopers (arrows) land.

Wargaming Operation Sealion

Mid-morning, September 22. Black bars show German assaults in sussex. British reinforcements move donw.

Evening September 22, Britain has established Winstone line (loop tape). Germans fight to capture Folkstone.

Wargaming Operation Sealion

Afternoon September 23, Australians had counter-attacked at Newhaven. Naval action has cut off German supplies.