Paddy Griffith's Sprawling Wargames

261 pages ISBN 978-1-4452-0299-0

'Paddy Griffith can be seen as the doyen of British wargaming, and he has certainly been instrumental in the way that the discipline has developed over the decades.' Andrew Roberts author of The Storm of War.

As a professional military historian, Paddy Griffith’s career started as a civilian lecturer at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. Since 1989 he has been a freelance author, publisher and occasional university lecturer.

This book explores large-scale multiplayer wargames. From games in large halls, to those run by the modern medium of email, this book outlines how to set about creating and managing these innovative and most entertaining of wargaming experiences: Sprawling Wargames.

Chapters include examples from games run at the Imperial War Museum and at Sandhurst:

     Definitions, and Principles of Game Design

     Operation Sealion 1940

     Operation Mercury 1941

     Operation Barbarossa 1941

     Suvarov in Alsace 1799

     The 'Black Isle' Magical Viking Game