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Recreational Wargaming...Paddy Griffith

Buckle for Dust! cover Buckle for Your Dust!: Miniature Wargames Set in Vietnam, 1965-73   15 Oct 1995
by Greg NcCauley

A miniature wargames set in Vietnam. It aims to help the player understand the full complexity and variety of combat during the American phase of the Second Indochina War and then offers a complete set of rules and background explanations which allow them to re-create the essential features of small-unit encounters, using his own wargames table and miniature models. Typical scenarios involve action at around platoon or squad level, with a maximum of perhaps 50 model solders on each side.

The booklet also includes two sets of quick fire rules by Paddy Griffith and Andy Callan. 

An excellent addition to the range of wargaming rules for this period.
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Product details:
     Paperback: 64 pages
Paddy Griffith Associates
     Dimensions (cm):
29.2 x 20

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