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Recreational Wargaming...Donald Featherstone

Featherstone Air Wargames cover Donald Featherstone's Air War Games: Wargaming Aerial Warfare 1914-1975 Revised Edition   23 March 2012
by Donald Featherstone
Edited by John Curry
Donald Featherstone's book on wargaming with model planes was hugely influential when it was first published in 1966. It included many new ideas on how to recreate dog fights on the table-top. This revised edition brings it up to date with notes on availability of models, commercial board games and includes three new sets of rules.

This was one of the three wargaming books that were instrumental in launching modern wargaming. The other two books were Donald Featherstone Naval Wargames and the original War Games

This revised edition includes chapters on: The Model Aircraft; Methods of Using Model Aircraft in War Games; Pre-1914: Balloons and the Early Aircraft; World War I and World War II; Model Aircraft in Land War Games; Aircraft at Sea including notes on the Fletcher Pratt Rules; Air War Gaming Based on Fletcher Pratt Principles; Helicopters in War Games; Weather in Air War Games; Battle of Britain Fighter Tactics and Commercial Air War Games

This revised edition of this work includes three new sets of rules: Sturmstaffel: Defending the Reich 1944 by Tim Gow; Rolling Thunder: Air combat over South-East Asia by Ian Drury and On a Wing and Prayer - Bomber Command in the Battle for the Ruhr, July 1943 by John Armatys

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