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Recreational Wargaming...Donald Featherstone

Donald Featherstone Complete Wargaming Donald Featherstone's Complete Wargaming Revised Edition  18 Sept 2012
by Donald Featherstone
Edited by John Curry

Possibly the best known wargamer in the world, Donald Featherstone is well-known for more than a score of books on wargaming and also for editing the original wargaming magazine for 18 years. He is one of the people responsible for raising it from a minor fringe interest to the worldwide pastime and commercial interest of today.

The whole wonderful world of wargaming is vividly brought to life in this ultimate of books by the doyen of the subject's authors. Full of passion, inspiration, practicality, it suggests ideas, improvements, and anecdotes that jump from the pages of the substantial and beautifully illustrated work. There are entertaining and practical main chapters, shorter features, and scores of snippets, with tips and anecdotes ... a great depth of writing and illustration to harness the enthusiasm of newcomers to the hobby and sharpen that of old hands.

Details, new methods, and general stimulation come across in a variety of enterprising ways. All the obvious ingredients are here such as each period and battle is described as a significant example of the art of warfare and development of tactics through the ages. But it is the book's unique recipe of short and long contributions all by the same famous author that make it uniquely rich and almost certainly the standard work for decades to come.

This book has been extensively revised.

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265 pages
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15.6 wide x 23.39 tall  

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The original edition of this book containted some short stories 'Down at the local wargaming club'. It was an editorial decision not to include these in the revised edition. It is an interesting question if they were actually fiction. The reader may make of them what they will.
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