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Early Wargames Vol 4 cover More Wargaming Pioneers Ancient and World War II Battle and Skirmish Rules by Tony Bath, Lionel Tarr and Michael Korns Early Wargames Vol. 4  22 March 2013
by John Curry, Tony Bath, Lionell Tarr and Michael Korns

This book contains three sets of early wargaming rules:

Tony Bath’s Medieval Wargaming Rules- published in 1956, these were the first rules for ancient and medieval wargaming and include a commentary from Charles Grant. Tony Bath went on to establish the Society of Ancients and was the undisputed founding father of ancient wargaming.

Lionel Tarr’s 1962 World War II Rules- Lionel Tarr was the first modern wargamer attempting to recreate the battles of World War II. As a result of his own military experience from the Parachute Regiment at Arnhem, his rules show the vulnerability of infantry and the importance of cover. Also included are some of the writings by Tarr’s co-author, Carl Reavley.

Michael Korns’ 1966 Modern Wars in Miniature- the first set of skirmish rules with each player representing a single figure on the table top. The players were given military type orders and were only told what their character on the table top could see; it was an early attempt to realistically portray some aspects of real war at the individual level through wargaming. The rules are introduced by commentary from Ned Zuparko, who played in some of the original games.

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