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Bruce Quarrie Napoleonic Wargaming The Fred Jane Naval War Game (1906) including the Royal Navy's Wargaming Rules (1921)  07 Nov 2008
by Fred Jane and John Curry

The Fred Jane Naval Wargame was the second realistic naval wargame to be produced (the first was a naval training game, the third was the Fletcher Pratt Naval Wargame).

The game was very well known in naval circles and was considered realistic enough to cite in academic articles on naval matters and various books.

On this site is a summary of the rules, a sample ship card used to play the game, some photos of the game and a short video explaining the firing mechanism. If you want to purchase the rules, go to the purchase link. Buying the rules gives the password for access to the download area that has a number of ship cards ready for immediate use.

In addition to the actual rules, this edition includes the complete text of the classic book by Fred Jane, Your Navy as a Fighting Machine.

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211 pages
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15.6 wide x 23.39 tall  

Supporting Materials for the Fred Jane Naval Wargame

Period summary of Fred Jane Rules.pdf               Richard Brooks, the military historican, talking about Fred Jane.pdf                         Book review by Ron Larnham.pdf 
Target Card for Lord Nelson.pdf                         Greek and Turkish targetcards.pdf                                                                          Admiral Fisk on naval tactics (1912) .pdf

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