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Western Gunfight Rules Cover

The Old West Skirmish Wargames: Wargaming Western Gunfights 26 June 2017

by Steve Curtis, Mike Blake and Ian Colwill
Edited by John Curry

These classic rules launched skirmish wargaming in the UK and the North America. They were played in most wargaming clubs on a regular basis. From stage coach robberies to recreations of gunfights from the pages of history, these rules introduced wargaming with individual figures. This edition includes many previously unpublished chapters.

These rules have all that is required to recreate the American Wild West on the table top. Bank robberies, saloon brawls, US cavalry actions and the showdown on the main street are made possible. The basic rules are straightforward, but there are many optional chapters that can be used as required. Chapters include:

    Movement     Orders     Terrain     Weapon effects     Hand-to-hand fighting

 Optional rules add all the glorious detail of the Wild West, such as:

    Machine guns and artillery     Fire and explosions     Saloon Brawls     Special rules for Indians     The ‘Iron Horse’

    Frontier towns     Solo games

 In addition to the full set of original rules, this edition includes extra chapters on:

    Various scenarios and campaigns     Narrative campaigns     Indian buffalo hunting game.  

The rules are published by the History of Wargaming Project as part of its work to document the development of wargaming.

The book is available for purchase via Amazon or the Kindle 

Product details:     
226 pages
History of Wargaming Project
     Dimensions (cm):
21.59 wide x 27.94 tall

Supplimentary Materials for The Old West Skirmish Wargames:    Playsheets:    Playsheet 1 pdf               Playsheet 2 pdf

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