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Recreational Wargaming...Donald Featherstone

Featherstone Skirmish Wargaming Donald Featherstone's Skirmish Wargaming   12 Sept 2008
by Donald Featherstone
Edited by John Curry

The book containes generic rules for skirmish wargaming and Scenarios including period rules for:

 Vikings! (850AD); Archers in France June (1429); English Civil War Cavalry Action (1643); The Jolly Roger (1715); The 95th Rifles in the Pennisula War (1813); The French Foreign Legion in Mexico (1866); The Massacre at Isandhlwana (1879); The Old West (1888); First World War Trench Raid (1916) and Street Fighting in Cassino (1944)

This new edition, includes an additional fantasy scenario and a science fiction scenario

     To Claim our Long-forgotten Gold (Third Age); Mining Station Sigma 9 (Year 3015, the far future) and Guidance on how to play solo skimish wargames

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Product details:  Second Edition   
134 pages
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     Dimensions (cm):
15.6 wide x 23.39 tall  

  Supporting Material

Photos from original book. (c) John Curry and Donald Featherstone (2014)

Review quoted from by Mark Ellis USA, October 2008.

'I really enjoyed the release of this old favourite and was very pleased to see the addtion of new chapters including fantasy and science fiction plus ideas for solo war gaming. I especially appreciated the updated photograghs and line drawings, both old and new. The rule system is much as remember and lends itself to the larger scale figures. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening's wargame. Was fortunate enought to congratulate Donald Featherstone, in person who still has much to offer. A good investment and well worth the money'

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