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Gush 16-17th century rules cover George Gush’s Wargames Rules For Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries (1420-1700)  Paperback 17 April 2016
by George Gush
Edited by John Curry

George Gush’s Wargames Rules for Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries (1420)-1700) were developed from the early WRG Ancients rules. They used a figures scale of 1 to 20 and a ground scale of 1 inch to 20 paces.

 They were written to recreate the great battles and sieges of this era.

 The rules are complex by today’s standards and players require good tactical sense, rather than good dice rolls, to overcome their opponent. 

 They include rules for orders and generals, with the importance of issuing the right orders at the start of the game being emphasised.

 Melees/ shooting are dealt with in detail, with the armour, weapons, training, morale and tactical factors all being taken into account.

 A key part of the game is the reaction test; where a player’s units may have their orders changed.

 The section of sieges is especially detailed.

 The rules are still popular (as of 2016) and many wargamers maintain these are still the best rules for renaissance wargaming.

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75 pages
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21.59 wide x 27.94 tall

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1983 Amendments (these amendments have been incorportated in this edition)

Army Lists 1420-1700  First published in 1984

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