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USNWC Rules 1936 cover

The United States Naval War College 1936 Wargame Rules:

USN Wargaming Before WWII

Volume 1 12 June 2019

by United States Naval War College            Edited by John Curry and Chris Carlson

The famous Unites States Naval War College wargames have been seen as an important part of the US Navy’s preparation for war with Japan. The actual naval commanders took lessons from these wargames into the conflict in the Pacific 1941-45. 

 This book makes the 1936 edition of the tactical rules readily accessible for the first time to the public. It includes the detailed rules for movement, gunnery, damage and other aspects of real naval warfare from the big gun era. The object of these games was to aid students of strategy and tactics in the comprehension of these complex subjects.

The foreword is written by Jeffrey Harley Rear Admiral, USN, President U.S. Naval War College, who celebrates the contribution of these interwar wargames to eventual victory in the Pacific.

 The book includes:

      Original guidance from 1922 on how to play the game

     Sample gunnery tables

     Torpedo fire cards

     Rules for visibility and smoke

     Details about speed and fuel

     Sample ship cards to illustrate how the rules worked

 Further supporting material is available from the History of Wargaming Project website.

 The book is published by the History of Wargaming Project. It is part of a series to document key steps in the development of  wargaming.

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166 pages
History of Wargaming Project
     Dimensions (cm):
21.59 wide x 27.94 tall
Supporting Materials

Blue and Orange Fleets June 1936  Fleet data Note the Blue data is accurate as it was compiled from classified sources

Blue Fire Effect Tables 1935 Blue Fire Effect Tables

Orange Fire Effect Tables 1935 Orange Fire Effect Tables

Sample Ship Cards Sample ship cards These will help you to recreate the game yourself

Chemical Warfare Rules 1936 Chemical Warfare Rules These were omitted from this edition of the rules

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